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Posted by [email protected] on November 18, 2011 at 11:30 AM

I love music, my husband loves music, and so there's music in our home.  A favorite game my boys play these days is to dress up in their "cool clothes" and perform for us.   My entrepreneurial first born even makes tickets for us to buy to their concerts.  

It's fun to see where there personalities fit on stage.  The baby of the family is definitely the "Front Man."  Here's little Asher (not even two at the time,) rocking out on the kitchen table.

One of my favorite posts was about the soundtrack of music that's come to underscore our lives, as the boys play make-believe here in our home, but now they've gone from the music simply surrounding them to letting it seep in and inspire them.

Our new game in the car while listening to Mama's Classical music station is to tell stories about each song.  As a new one comes on we ask ourselves "what story are they telling us with the music?"  Playful fiddle and flute pieces are about Pirates dancing their jigs aboard their pirate ships filled with stollen treasure.  Many slow orchestral pieces include a princess or a beautiful ballerina.  Yesterday we were listening to the Red Violin Soundtrack, played by Joshua Bell, when a mournful dirge began to play.  The boys all became quiet and sullen.  

"What's the story I asked?" Surprisingly they didn't answer, they only listened.  I moment later I said, "I think it's the story of a young orphan girl, with tattered clothes, walking up the side of a mountain in the snow and sleet.  She's so hungry and so cold, and so alone."  

"Yes, I think that's it,"  Caleb said tenderly.

"And orphan has no mommy," Asher said with a crack in his little voice.

Then Brody, still very much in the music, said, "No... it's about a bounty hunter, dying slowly and reaching his hand up to the sun."

We all listened closely and then had to agree... he was right.

Brody is the middle-est, and our most deeply feeling, expressive son.  I'll never forget the first time he interpreted the story behind a song for me, before this ever was our game.  I had already tucked him into bed one night last Spring when he made his way back out and found his father and me down on the couch watching "American Idol."  Scotty McCreery was just starting to sing George Straight's, "I Cross My Heart" so I didn't get up to tuck my boy back in.  Instead I brought him into my lap.  Brody cuddled in for a moment and then leaned forward, into the music.  In the last moments of the song my boy said, "He should be singing this song on a boat, on a boat in the middle of the ocean, with sharks and sea serpents swimming all around."

I wonder what these boys will grow up to be and do. Performers, song writers, or mathematicians making music with numbers and theories?  It's going to be fun watching their story of their lives unfold.  I'm on a journey too.  Often times I look back at who I was as a child and see so much of me now.  I can't wait to watch the dot-to-dot picture of my little-to-big sons' lives.

I know you're watching the lives of your children unfold each day as well.  Tell me here, if you would... what music most fills your home as you watch them grow?

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Reply Kelli
8:55 AM on November 21, 2011 
The Standards. I am trying to raise old souls. Crooners. But somehow, every time I catch them on my iPad, I discover them watching YouTube videos of Justin Bieber. Pray for them, will you?
Reply Shannon
10:31 PM on November 22, 2011 
We listen to all kinds of music. I try to put upbeat rock and alternative on in the car to keep Riggins from falling asleep sometimes- it always get his feet kicking and his head banging! ;) But I also put classical on at home and in the car to calm him down when he is unhappy about not being allowed to do something or go somewhere... right now he is really loving Respigi's Pines & Fountains of Rome. In one segment, you can hear the sound of birds chirping and he love it! =)