Tug of War

Posted by [email protected] on April 26, 2014 at 11:45 PM

They lose control, I lose control too.  

"Get control of yourself," I holler.  

"You've been complaining all days long!"  

I've been complaining about your complaining.

I have lost peace,

I have lost joy,

They can't find it either.  

"Go to your rooms."

Mom, you are the heart,

I am the heart,

We are the heartbeat of our homes.

The heart pump, pumping.

Pumping life-giving,


Nutrients through the body:

The body of the home.

When you are off,

They are off,

He is off,

The family is off.

It doesn't always start with you or me,

But it must get back to right-

right now-

With us.

The complaining,


Boredom hitting,

Sugar-spiked blues,

"More TV, Screen-time, Snacks..."

We're tired, so we cave,

to what they crave, 

But what they need is You.

You... can end this downward spin,

You... can end this downward fall,

Reverse the slowing circulation

With a renewed Pump Pump Pump.

So pull away, 

dive back in,

pick up the last scripture you read

Before the sun came up this morning.

Where were you,

Before they woke up?

Take your heart back there

And recommit.

Drop the rope 

You play tug of war with

And pick back up the Word.

Drop the rope and pick it up!

The Word is life and peace.

The rope is death and war.

Drop death and pick up life

Right there in the heart  of your home.

The imagery of the Tug of War rope in parenting is vivid.  Some days there are battles for control, battles for power, battles because they are tired and we are tired, and battles simply because we've grown so accustomed to the fight.  But an amazing thing happens when we drop our side of the rope.


The fight falls down, falls out, falls over.  There's no one else to fight with, push and pull and flex your muscles against.  And the giving in to peace, at the end of a battle, often brings tears.  Yours, theirs, mine; as the heart begins to Pump Pump Pump life-giving, love-giving nutrients through your body again.  

Drop the rope.

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14)


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