Bible Studies with flesh on (part three)

Posted by [email protected] on April 27, 2012 at 11:15 AM

It's been well over a week since I posted here at "Love Covers a Multitude of Sons" because, well honestly, loving my sons as taken every bit of my time, strength, and energy these past busy weeks. 

Just like you, In the midst of the business, I long to love my Multitude fresh each day. For me, beginning each morning in God's Word is paramount for the filling, the sustenance, and the endurance required.  It doesn't always happen first thing in our home, where boys are usually up by 5:45 each morning, ready for milk as they play with their action figures - but I do try to sneak away in the early part of each day.  

One day last week, in the middle of the madness, my husband volunteered to take our oldest to school.  The two little ones enjoyed a morning of legos and sticker books and so I stole away.  I showered, dressed, made my bed, and opened up my Bible. (Okay, so I opened up the Bible App on my iphone.)  It took me straight to where I'd left off the day before.  Psalm 119.  

Since beginning my time in the Psalms a couple of weeks ago I have been looking forward to this particular one.  I've loved this Chapter since High School, and was eager to read it again and apply it in fresh ways to my life in this unique season.  Alas... I was brain dead as I read through the first few verses.  I stopped, prayed, and started all over again.  Then again.  And again.  Finally I closed my Bible (a.k.a. turned my phone off)  and the words of my Pastor echoed in my mind, "Did you come here to hear from the Lord this morning?"  

I nodded, eyes shut, in prayerful response to the question.  "Yes," I breathed my answer.  

The phone rang as though on cue. I hesitated, not wanting to discard these hard to find stolen moments, but knew Matt would be calling soon.  So I answered, "Hello?"  It was my dear friend Bonni on the other end.  We only speak 2 - 3 times a year, but each conversation is loaded with laughter, tears, and deep encouragement.  The timing couldn't have been more ideal.

As we talked about our days, and lives, and children, she said "I spend 90% of my mothering time and energy on my two boys.  The three girls... their needs just aren't as constant as the boys.  They have their issues, they're just not as loud about them."  we laughed together and then she went on to drop this hard earned pearl,  "The boys never stop pushing boundaries and testing what's right, but instead of getting upset or frustrated I've started praising God for each opportunity to instruct my boys.  It's so easy to grumble and nag and abuse them with our words over long days spent together, but I've come to see each time they push a boundary as a chance for me to correct them, instruct them, and disciple them."

For the rest of that day, and these past weeks, each time my boys have spoken nasty words to one another, cried for one another's things, or used their hands or feet in anger, I praised God (as I took a deep breath,) and thanked Him for another blessed opportunity to train my boys up in the way they should go.  

Grace.  Applied.  The Bible.  Applied.  With Flesh on.

Thank you, Bonni.  

Photo curtesy of Tammy Labuda Photography in the greater Dallas, TX. area.

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