Where did the bunny come from?

Posted by [email protected] on April 7, 2012 at 3:00 AM

My friend Angie, over at Celebrating Holidays has done it again!  She has taken her time researching Easter traditions, meals, songs, and practices and put them together in an easy to read format. I'm always ready to teach my children fun facts as we decorate our eggs, hunt for candy, and make our Resurrection buns.


The first time my children made these scrumptious little edible lessons was at Angie's house four years ago for our preschool homeschool co-op.  The little ones each took a white marshmallow and heard from their teacher about Jesus and his sinless life.  They learned that after Jesus was crucified his friends took him down from the cross and anointed his body in burial spices (in our case, cinnamon and sugar).  Then their little hands folded the anointed little marshmallow up in dough and placed it in a muffin tin to bake.  When we pulled the buns from the oven the children gathered around to see the miracle that had occurred in our very midst.  The marshmallow was gone and an empty tomb remained!


Today, this Good Friday, the boys and I went over our lesson again. Asher is old enough this year to enjoy the sticky sweet fun as well as the lesson it delivers. He asked to pray as we sat around the table after our cooking lesson was complete and we were ready to eat. He prayed, "Thank you God for God. Thank you for this food and that you are in Heaven now. Thank you that when I die I get to be with you there. Amen".


Blessing upon you and your young ones this Good Friday.  Let us not grow weary...  Sunday's coming!


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