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Posted by [email protected] on February 12, 2012 at 1:30 PM

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I have L O V E on my mind. If you are looking for a wonderfully comprehensible history lesson to share with your kids about the person of Saint Valentine, then visit  Angie is the best Mommy-Historian on the Internet!



But more than a history of the man who laid his life down for his love and allegience to the Lord, I want to know how I can share love, celebrate love, and instruct my boys to love one another and others deeply this holiday. As with all the holidays associated with great gobs of candy, how can I teach them something transcendent and applicable, other than good dental hygiene?



While they get excited about buying Valentine's cards for friends, they moan tragically when I call them to the table to address their envelopes. And though we have a wonderful time making chocolate cookies dotted with red m & m candies, after they've hand delivered half a dozen plates to neighbors, they still fight over the biggest cookie that remains on our plate at home. So, how to model and teach love in these days leading up to Valentine's Day?




Yesterday morning as I made a batch of Valentine's Trash, I looked up to find my two biggest boys playing their DS' under a blanket together on the couch. The way the blanket fell over their two little heads, enveloped them in a soft and cozy heart.



I put down my wooden spoon and tiptoed over to tickle their soft little toes. The blanket dropped as they squealed, and they gave me their tender smiles. I whispered, "you guys love playing Star Wars DS together on Saturday mornings, don't you?" Honestly, they had immediately gone back to their games, but the sparkle in their eyes told me the answer I already knew to be true.




The boys love to be near one another on slow days. The big brother asks the little brother to help him through the upper levels of the game, and the older one praises the younger for being so good at video games. The little one beams back for a fraction of a second before returning to his screen.


Yes, Mama's it's so important to use each holiday to reinforce good lessons of love and grace, what is lovely and true, but let us not elevate the holidays so much that we miss the little moments happening all around us each and every day.


Put down the wooden spoon, (I did not intend that to be metaphorical) and come around the counter to the couch to tickle their toes and praise them for loving one another well today.


Happy Valentine's Day... and Happy Everyday... from our home to yours.

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