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Green is the color of new growth and fertility.  Green evokes a sense of safety, peace and harmony. Green is soothing; calming anxiety and bringing healing to the body.    It is the most restful color for the human eye.  In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope. And, of course, green is the signal imploring us to "Go".

If ever a color could represent a handful of days, green was the one that wrapped these five in sunlight and ivy.  Wednesday afternoon five dear friends joined me at our lakehouse in Northern California for our  2nd Annual Christian Women Writers (& Photographers) Retreat.   We laughed together, encouraged one another, and shared good food; but most of all, we enjoyed long, quite afternoons of writing, reading, lemonade.  The steady click click click of shutter lenses mixed with the rhythm of our typing.

Like the color of the trees all around, new growth sprouted up from 6 surrendered hearts.  As the sun shone through the branches,  peace and harmony enveloped us, granting a safe environment to write and share our work together.  Rest.  Growth.  Hope.  And, of course, our time spent writing was our response to God's green light - His call to "Go".  We all feel called to tell stories.  Writing novels, asking tough Biblical questions, sharing pieces of Christian History, and telling stories through the lens of a camera.  

It was a truly edifying time, with an extraordinary group of women who love the Lord and one another.  I am expectant and therefore eager to see what this new growth matures into by the time we all reconvene here next June. What testimonies will we share, what victories will we celebrate and new projects will we pray over and brainstorm our way through?  I don't know what tomorrow brings, but today the memories are still fresh and green and refreshing.  And I am so thankful.

Bethany, one of my sweet and creative friends, wrapped our time up with this darling Limerick.

Words and pictures we use to tell stories
Working hard beside gorgeous lake shories
We laugh and we play
Sharing hearts 'long the way
Pleasing Father and revealing His glories

Today I am Deeply Grateful for:
24) Bethany and her Limerick.. and her ice pucks too
25) Kelli and her talent and sense of humor
26) Rabbits
27) Jenni and her adventurous spirit!
28 ) Angie and her example in my life
29) Angie and her love for my children
30) Angie doing our dishes
31) Tammy and her generous spirit
32) My husband (can I list him multiple times on this list?)
33) Grandpa G and Gramita and their availability to take in all my men this week!
34) Tammy's tenderness toward my boys
35) Carolyn and Tony
35) Bill 
36) Caleb's 1st 12 bars of Puff the Magic Dragon on Piano - good job, Dollface!
37) Brody's joy over getting to sleep in my bed tomorrow
38 ) Caleb's sweet expectation that it's his turn tomorrow
39) Caleb finishing the Jr. Novel Brave in time for last week's opening of the movie
40) Asher's continuous joy in working alongside his father
41) Caleb's mad skill at checkers and chess
42) Butterfly nets
43) My husband's big muscles
44) My husband's ability to flip our boys high in the air in the pool
45) Lake views
46) Nanaimo bars
47) Apricot Pepper Jelly
48 )Mango Pepper Jelly
49) Raspberry Pepper Jelly
50) My Mother in law's impending arrival tomorrow!
51) Ruth over at GraceLaced for inspiring me with her wonderful color posts last week.  I specifically loved this one... 

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Reply angie
1:36 AM on July 2, 2012 
The fellowship, the pursuit of passions, the love, the beauty ... it was all a taste of heaven!
Reply Jenni
8:34 AM on July 2, 2012 
Green has always been one of my favorite colors! :)
Reply Jennifer Dougan
3:05 PM on July 2, 2012 

Nice to meet you. I'm popping over from Ann's link up to count gifts with you. That weekend of green relaxing, writing, and photographing with friends sounds delightful!

Jennifer Dougan
Reply Ruth@GraceLaced
12:53 AM on July 3, 2012 
What a blessing! Such a refreshing time, I'm sure!
Reply Wendy
1:06 AM on July 3, 2012 
angie says...
The fellowship, the pursuit of passions, the love, the beauty ... it was all a taste of heaven!

As close as we'll get this side of Glory!