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This morning, as the children loudly enjoyed another start to a Summer Day on the lake, I put down the dish towel, closed the door to the laundry room, and picked up a book.  

"Mom!  Mom!  Come get Tom and Jerry turned on for us please..."  One of the three bellowed from the next room. 

With silence, I responded, as I continued leafing through the pages of The Singer Trilogy; a poetic retelling of Christ's life, death, and resurrection.  It's been years since I read this superb work by Calvin Miller; years since I have had the time to sit and... read.  Or do anything still.  

"Mom!  Please????  We want to watch Tom and Jerry before we go swimming!  Mom!"

After another silent response they all three came hightailing it around the corner to find me sitting down.  Actually just sitting there with a book in my hands.  I waited a moment as they recovered from the sheer shock of it, then looked up and said, "I'm on vacation too.  I'll be there when I'm finished with what I'm doing."

Slowly, they all three turned around and walked, dumb-struck, from the room.

This is what I read:

Prayer is most real when
we refuse to say "Amen."
We most love Heaven when 
we will not end our
conversations quickly.
Hell is filled with those 
who found their "amens"
close at hand.

And in light of the momentary stillness, this is what I thought:

In the business of this crazy season of mothering multiple young ones all day every day, I have a choice in how I pray.  Either I can sneak short prayers, pleas, thanksgiving, and acknowledgments in between the moments that string together to form our unceasing daily life, ending each one with a pronounced "Amen."  Or I can keep the conversation flowing, from the rising of the sun, long past it's setting.  Wherein there is no Amen, no closing.  Just a conversation that ebbs and flows from one moment into the next.  All day long.  And everywhere.

After I thought on this for a while longer, and checked my heart to see if I'd begun my day-long dialogue with the Lord, I turned the boys cartoon on and returned my book to its shelf.  My eye caught another title; a collection by A.W. Tozer called The Christian Book of Mystical Verse.  And here is what I opened to... by chance.

-- Oliver Holden, 1765 - 1844

They who seek the throne of grace
Find that throne in every place;
If we live a life of prayer,
God is present everywhere.

In our sickness and our health,
In our want, or in our wealth,
If we look to God in prayer,
God is faithful everywhere.

When our earthly comforts fail,
When the woes of life prevail,
'Tis the time for earnest prayer:
God is present everywhere.

Then, my soul, in every strait,
To thy Father come, and wait;
He will answer every prayer:
God is present everywhere.

I would add:

When the children rise 'fore dawn
with contrary hearts or compliant songs,
He won't leave us as we pray
God is present all the day.

It is my hope to learn a few things this Summer.  Praying without ceasing is chief among them. 

(1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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Reply [email protected]
5:39 PM on June 18, 2012 
I remember reading about how Susannah Wesley would put her apron over her head as a signal to her children that she was praying, communing with God, and was not to be disturbed. She has so many more children than I do!! :) Both the specific time, and the unceasing flow of prayer, are precious...for us, and for our children who witness what it is to walk with the Lord.
Reply Jenny
5:42 PM on June 18, 2012 
Wow, My English professor at ORU would read orally to the class from the Singer Trilogy, I could never remember who wrote it, so I am so happy you have it referenced!! Yes, I too, need to keep my conversation with the Lord flowing all day, rather than jagged little prayers scattered here and there. Great reminder and thanks again for the reference!
Reply richelle
6:06 PM on June 18, 2012 
hi wendy! i'm visiting from holy experience and truly appreciated your post. i must say how much reading your bio... your story... has challenged and encouraged me. thank you for your courage and your example.

you have three precious boys - bet they do keep you busy!